Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coming to a Close

The opening is approaching this Friday. Today, with the help of a patient friend, I varnished half of the staircase to prevent wear and tear to the painted areas. The other half will be varnished Tuesday night, as it requires a few days to dry. This long weekend was spent touching up edges, repainting areas that were scuffed, and adding more large areas of color as well as more collaged elements. I found some spray texture to recreate the brick and mortar near the window. That part is still in progress.
I'm really excited about the final product, but feel that I could probably work forever and never feel done. I think editing and knowing when to stop is a common problem among us artists. Sometimes I need a fresh set of eyes to say, Julie, stop! You're gonna screw it up if you add anymore! I hope to see you Friday at KAC from 6-8:30. The opening coincides with Site: Unseen in the gallery, so there will be plenty to (un)see.